• Eastern Europe : scared of Russia, want to join a defensive alliance to protect from Russia, join NATO
  • USA : try to normalize relation, Eastern Europe join NATO. Russia pissed because they consider Eastern Europe as part of their influence sphere. Relation got worse because of Yugoslavia, Syria, Snowden, Russia accuses USA of every trouble in there country and their influence sphere meanwhile Russia tries to influence American elections. Also Ukraine.
  • EU : rely on Russian gas, so try to keep good relations but not at the expense of good relations with the USA that assure protection. Ukraine is the breaking point for relations. Used its influence to get Minsk agreement because do not like war. Russia invade Ukraine, not happy
  • France : had good relationship with Russia before 2014. can say fuck you to USA because have an army. But agree with EU and USA on Ukraine because think war is not justified (they knew Irak was not justified and refused to intervene and made their best to have pacific resolution of the tensions. Usa didn’t like it and french bashing was born)
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