Not any moron. Just most of them. And when they mix with alcohol, tragedy often strikes. A drunk man near the university I work at was trying to break up a fight. The university police arrived. He had a gun loosely attached to him that slipped. He bent to pick it up and they yelled to him to leave it on the ground. He kept grabbing for the gun because of being drunk. They shot him dead, right there. Personally, I blame the system, that he felt he needed a gun when it was clearly not safe for him to have one.


That is the point, you can also have a weapon in the EC, but there are strong restrictions on this. You have to present a psychotechnical certificate, have no criminal record, have good reasons for having a weapon, either by profession, belong to a shooting club, hunter, athlete… this allows you to have a weapon corresponding to the activity, not another . Weapons cannot be carried on the street, they must be safely stored outside of the activities for which they are used.

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