04 месяца

The 90ies and 00s. If you ask me, gaming is on a decline since 10 years.

The overall quality is going down. One of the worst examples would be the remake of Warcraft 3. Imagine a team of bigger size, having tool with way more functionality and having more time than the original devs. But they don’t have to make a game from scratch, they only have to literally “copy” (remake) everything that is already there. They just have to replicate it. And they still ended up with a worse game with less features. Just one example, of course, but for me, this shows that in the AAA and AA business, there’s a lot of management bullshit going on, and the people who work there have no heart for the thing they’re doing. It’s just a job - and the result is catastrophal “development efficiency” and dwindling creativity.

Also, gaming is now mainstream, and many games try to change themselves so that everyone likes them. Some game mechanic is popular? It gest crammed into every game, even when it doesn’t fit - decided by people who are not gamers.

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