Mozilla reaffirms that Firefox will continue to support current content blockers - gHacks Tech News
Mozilla reaffirmed this week that the Firefox web browser will continue to support an essential Manifest v2 API that content blockers use.

what is this buzz I here about Firefox ‘dying’? I still use (I’m using it rn).

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Chrome and the Chromium engine won due to being so integrated with Google’s services. All the stuff Microsoft got in trouble for in the 90’s, Google was able to basically pull off with great fanfare. Though we are seeing MS be extremely aggressive tactics with “requiring” a Microsoft Account to make use of big/interesting features. But somehow they still seem the most “thirsty” out of the three of them lol. I think the main issue for Firefox is that it can feel a bit too technical for the average person. Some of the warnings or informational alerts might make people misunderstand what is being presented as their being a literal computer virus or other malware infecting the computer. When it is just FF trying to spread awareness of various things that impact privacy (sadly much like eulas it comes down to “well what are ya gonna do? Not use X?!?”). But I think I will do my part in encouraging customers to try it. When we setup new PCs, Chrome is just seen as a default to add. So I will start adding FF as another option or in place of Chrome (seeing how Edge will already work for basically all school or work sites that use Chromium features). lol

chrome is just too freaking spooky to use exclusively. that’s not gonna stop some folks.

Firefox doesn’t feel like a native experience on Google pages, especially YouTube. Luckily there are clients for that if you wish but I still rely on my centralized YT account.

Also stuff like my banks don’t display properly in Firefox. Otherwise it’s free of any major problem for me at least for now.

Anyways if need be other frontends to Gecko web engine can be made. It’s something I will prob need to consider more for my use cases. That doesn’t guarantee that people will use them tho or that they should compete directly with Firefox…

Must be hard to do what Mozilla does but without them the web would become a more troubled place. There are measures we can take as things maybe get worse…

Using FF here as well, and I’ve been using it for years. It’s a great browser.

It really is. How hard is it to contribute?

I’ve never looked into it, so not sure what their process for contributors is like. I did sign up to send a few bucks their way though to help keep it going.

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