IT’s the same from the POV of the average person. They slave away their entire lives for no reason other than making some numbers go up. Whether it’s the company’s stock price or the state’s production and exports, it’s the same shit for the average joe.

And growing up in a place like that, I can tell you it was horrible. People being afraid of speaking against the state for fear of being sent to work camps, people never having the option to just quit their job…

How is that freedom? Honestly, it’s better in this system now because if you have some money you can take breaks sometimes. You couldn’t do that in my country under the old regime. If the old regime comes back i’ll just kill myself.

No, it’s not the same from the POV of the average person. In a socialist system they work in their own interest and they’re direct beneficiaries of the fruits of their labor. If you can’t even understand that then I don’t know what else to tell you.

And having grown up in USSR myself, I completely and utterly disagree with you.

I don’t care how it was for you in the USSR. For me and my family in Romania it was the worst thing. It’s not much better now but at least we’re not afraid to speak against the state and we can quit our jobs.

If you don’t care about freedrom that’s your prerogative. I wanna be free.

Again with the stats. I know people are poor and are suffering in Romania but stats are not showing the real every day life of people.

That’s literally what the stats show. Most people are worse off now in Romania and they know it. Of course, an ideologue like you doesn’t care about actual facts.

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