Most anarchists believe in the marketplace of ideas, meaning that multiple systems can co-exist in parallel and that over time the ones providing the best conditions will attract the most participants.

This is interesting because it means both that some of the current social arrangements have endured because of their attractiveness and some of them are being tested.

I wonder about the relationship between reflective social truths and broader methodologically valid truths.

For example, a reflective social truth is capitalism’s profit incentive: the social arrangement creates the phenomenon. In other words, people make it true. Conversely, people make it false by not acting out that social arrangement. An example of a broader methodologically valid truth is the existence of Neptune, or the abundance of hydrogen in the universe. These are truths regardless of social arrangements. Of course, broader truths can be changed by social arrangements, as in the case of the capitalocene.

My question, then, is how the marketplace of ideas and their attractiveness relate to reflective social truths and broader truths. Should these two types of truths be dealt with differently? Or are they fundamentally the same? What does methodological validity mean in this marketplace of ideas, if anything? Are there things such as mass delusions?

I like that the view of the marketplace broadly aligns with neoinstitutional views regarding the struggle between groups. It is this struggle that determines social arrangements.


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