I recently posted a video of the Jaleel Stallings case but a number of people without Google accounts want to see the video, and so I’d like to post it on another platform. Any recommendations?

I feel like peertube is still a beta program, like it’s not finished at all. Mostly UI wise.


I hope you are correct, sexy peaches! Honestly, i want to love peer tube…i just have a hard time with it right now.

PS…(if you remember me) i upgraded my x220 Thinkpad memory…i didn’t even need the article you shared with me…it was that easy! Yes, the machine is boxy and not glamorous, but something should be said when even I can upgrade an old machine into something pretty snappy for $100. I’m a Thinkpad user for life!

Wow that is so great to hear! It’s a wonderful computer. You are running linux on it I guess? Does it have an SSD?


I’m running Arch i bought it for it’s size to carry and i need the wifi. It still has the hard drive, but I’m not a huge speed needer, the memory is because i like to use virtualization sometimes. I’m gonna pass on the ssd

You should reaaaaally get an SSD, you would probably save power as well, because it’s not as active. Also it would be 397598374x faster ^^


Completely understand…But I’m more interested in getting Parabola with working wifi (no dongle please!) Then increase speed. Also…the battery life with HDD currently is amazing compared to my T430 with SSD which i use at home anyway.

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