I don’t get what you’re saying, you think anarchists want to keep the imperial ecosystem? Imperialism, like, couldn’t be any more opposite to anarchism than it is…

Soviet Snake

I honestly don’t think this is place to start a discussion just when the post is about the exact opposite.

What he is referring to is the fact that mainly Western first world anarchists tend to align with the imperialists powers when it comes to taking sides in realpolitik, instead of giving critical support. This is something that is much rarer when it comes to anarchists from third world countries, but of course it can happen, as it can also happens with communists.


What he is referring to is the fact that mainly Western first world anarchists tend to align with the imperialists powers when it comes to taking sides in realpolitik

You’re probably arguing in bad faith, but just in case… We anarchists believe “realpolitik” (or geopolitics or whatever you call it) is a game of psychopaths which is removing actual politics (domination and privileges) from the equation, and never benefits the people. In that sense, we oppose anyone trying to frame the debate as “choose your side between this or that empire”, because they’re all terrible and the people is always losing no matter who is winning this game.

Now when you do hear some anarchists taking a stand, it’s not due to some State propaganda sponsored by intelligence services, but rather by practical solidarity with comrades on the ground. For example, in the case of a colonial empire like Russia invading Ukraine, we have comrades on the ground fighting for their lives and freedom against the Russian military and this is a reality of facts i can’t dismiss just because i hate France even more than i hate Russia. In this case, anarchists across the entire planet and across both sides of the Russia/Ukraine border have a consensus that Putin is an authoritarian asshole and that a victory of his would be a defeat for the common people across the entire region.

When i got anarchist comrades sharing an analysis across borders and when i see hundreds of thousands of russian refugees flooding out of the country, i have no difficulty to take a stand. That does not make me a CIA puppet, unless you’d like to imply that all Belarus/Russia anarchists who are currently fighting for the Ukrainian militias or helping refugees in Poland/Romania/etc are also CIA puppets.

You get my point. I am talking about American and European anarchists that are fine with playing in the imperialist ecosystem playground.

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They cannot malign all vocabulary. Take away their vocabulary and sanitise it. They are not too intelligent, so throwing them off is easier than you think.


So you were using a hyperbole to refer to people who eat Western propaganda for breakfast and ask for more, that unfortunately englobes the vast majority of the people in the Western world, and like said, communists aren’t immune to it either. I couldn’t count how quickly the leftist subs I frequent on Reddit, that were always critizing America and imperialism; I couldn’t count how quickly they all turned to support Biden and the sanctions that are destroying 3rd world countries around the globe, once the war started.

Which communists are these that you speak of that do this? I can specifically tell you the groups in the Left that did what you say post war. Socialists did not do it. Eastern anarchists did not. Democratic socialism supporters did not. A lot of Western anarchists do, some do not. Social democracy and everything to the right of it does.

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