So this is not an announcement, it is rather a moderation question. We have multiple communities related to climatejustice, environment, green, etc.

So i wonder what we should do with them. So the idea of this post is to find the community which we want to declare as standard related to this topic. I think it makes sense to unify them all, as they contain very similar topics.

Another, related question is how that community should be called. I personally would like “climatejustice” as a name, but i don’t know what you think is describing the topic best. Also the least effort would be to call the community with the most subscribers, which is “green” to be official.

Ideally, i’d like to be able to move posts from one community to another, but i think this has a smaller priority for the devs. Also, another great moderation tool for such situations would be to lock a community. That way, we could direct new users to one specific community.



Yeah, what’s the point of centralizing this? Maybe just encourage to mention other communities in sidebar of each other, creating a community graph (what reddit does basically).

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