Agreed. But I’ll add that in the same way we need to learn to ‘own’ our attention, we also need to learn to ‘own’ our boredom.

For many people, after years or even decades of mind-numbing work followed by a few hours of relief watching Netflix or gaming, it’s one thing to escape that work, but quite another to also learn how to relax without reflexively going for those same timesinks. They’re very much connected and rewiring yourself involves not just rewiring how you spend your ‘active’ or ‘focused’ time, but also rewiring how you think about boredom/relaxation.

(I’m currently still terrible about this, btw, but making bits of progress. When I don’t “need” to work, I’ll either veg out and watch some emotionally gripping tv show or movie, work on ‘self-improvement’ goals, or plan my week. When instead I should probably go for a bike ride, hike, walk, or stroll. Hell, even the bike ride or hike becomes yet another thing to ‘optimize for’ if I don’t watch myself. True boredom/tranquility is fucking hard!)

Digital Minimalism
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Welcome to the community of so-called Digital Minimalists! We’re community of people who seek for silence in such a noisy world and balance between real and digital worlds. Rules of this community include:

  1. Be honest with yourself and others. Seriously, if you’re not honest with yourself and pretend to be someone else, you’re not going anywhere. The first step to progression is acceptance, isn’t it?
  2. Be polite to others and respects each others opinions. No matter what your thoughts about privacy, Big Tech, politics, nature and etc are, let’s keep all discussions family-friendly and not overwhelm ourselves.
  3. Keep it theme-oriented. This community is not made to discuss politics, privacy-issues and climate change. It’s about balance and harmony. We could discuss those topics if they are related to Digital Minimalism, but not if they’re purely self-oriented. Thank you :)
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