I use uMatrix and it starts out by very strictly blocking stuff for a site. I’d say it doesn’t quite break 90% of sites. Maybe 70%-80%, which is still a lot.

In most cases where the site is not obviously shit, I’m lazy and I just ‘allow’ everything in uMatrix and reload. I’m okay with that.

If I find myself visiting a site more regularly, I either permanently whitelist it, or, if I’m not lazy or particularly distrustful of said site, I’ll progressively ‘allow’ more and more.

What I like about this approach is that it’s a minor inconvenience, but it keeps me aware of how most sites do need to load various external scripts to function, but thankfully also how many of them do fine without first asking me to share my visit with dozens of tracking/ad sites.

There really does seem to be a clear distinction between ‘some tracking/external js’ and ‘holy shit popups and tracking and taboola and other bullshit everywhere’. The latter I usually end up blocking entirely.

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