Virtual Reality

Pretty good results for such a cheap and simple setup…

Looks quite good already, with motion controls and all that. Given how bad the official SkyrimVR port is, this might be the next best thing…


Risk of Rain 2 full VR mod

Didn’t expect this one to get 1st person view and full motion controller support ;)…

Pretty awesome upgrade and apparently still fully compatible with the SteamVR ecosystem. I have the original Vive Pro and it is a well build HMD…

Relativty an Open-source VR headset for $200

They also seem to have started a company now for offering a ready made version I guess…

Looking forward to it, even if VR support on Linux browsers is non-existent for now…


This is excellent news as the original Vive and Vive Pro are still really good VR head-sets especially on Linux. …

Looks pretty cool, but apparently it doesn’t work yet with the native Linux version of HL:Alyx…

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