Bernie not actually fighting for m4all or to decrease war budget, etc is nauseating. Here’s a vid of him doing apologetics for Biden, his “good friend Joe,” who is corrupt as they come. Bernie was never going to change the system. Hear him in his own words. Vomit warning ![](

Wikipedia founder talks flaws of Wikipedia and modern day Censorship on YouTube

This was a great find. It’s good to have this viewpoint coming from a creator of the online encyclopedia. Great points to keep in mind. We must question prevailing narratives of power…

This is a project I am working on. USAFS stands for the United States of America Fucking Sucks and I intend to keep proving that until the US no longer exists (prob not happening), or it is no longer true. This is a place to free your mind, let loose and release that rage constructively and hopefully heal some in the process. A safe place for dissidents.

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