Organic Maps (Unofficial)

• Prettify pattern lines drawing (also fixes crash on some older devices) • Updated Place Page style • Icons for information=board/map • Fixed categories search with stop words • Show "Opens in"/"Closes in" in search results • Made all existing sports searchable • amenity=parking can be added on the map via Editor • Fixed place=square visibility at 16+ zoom level • Improved pt-BR, es, it, fr, and eu, enabled Marathi translations See for more details in the previous update. See more details on our website when apps are published.


- New OSM data as of June 13, 2022 - Cross-region and other routing fixes - Nicer fences, city walls, paths/tracks, waterfalls, fountains & drinking_water - Added icons for guidepost, plaque, bicycle rental - Typing category like "food" in the search also matches features' names - Added cliffs, embankments, bicycle repair stations, graves, water tunnels, craft=* - Road shields for Cyprus - Better displaying of the next turn street - Added Marathi localization - Logs fallback to internal storage **The update will be available on the play store and f-droid after a few days**

Meet the May Organic Maps update! Here is the changelog: All platforms: * New OSM data as of May 15, 2022 * Improved car and pedestrian directions * Improved cross-region routing * Fixed some pedestrian/bike/car routing issues * Some performance optimizations * Fixed some translations * Added Marathi language * Added Devanagari font Android: * Allow using emulated storage for downloads * Fixed GPS search on start * Fixed accidental position jumps near WiFi iOS: * Fixed low memory crash for car routing * Fixed opening non-ASCII URLs and URLs without http(s) Note that the FDroid version is still not published, we're working on it.

A new April update of Organic Maps is live in all stores! Here is the changelog: * Updated OSM maps data as of April 15, 2022 * Experimental Wikipedia articles everywhere * Improved car route directions * Some speed and battery optimizations * Many routing improvements * Fixed subway routing in some cities * Added Euskara (Basque) translations * Improved Italian and DE translations * More often oneway arrows * Removed town halls and gardens from sightseeing * Get phone from "mobile" OSM tag * Add more vending\_machine types * Added landuse=education * Fixed school and kindergarten area priorities and fills * Fixed Recycling category search * Fixed Internet access displaying * Fixed descriptions serialization in the edits.xml * Fixed text heights rendering * Follow our news in "?" Android * Show SD card even if there is not enough space on it * Fixed check for free space when updating maps * Fixed annoying "location disabled" dialog * FDroid users now can update World files * Fixed button to view search results on a map on Android 8 and lower * Fixed menu colors and the refreshed navigation menu * editor.config can be overrided (if you have root) * Added matrix, email, OSM links * Don't mirror the next turn sign in the LTR layout * Fixed RTL zoom buttons covered by Search and Bookmarks in Routing mode Desktop (yes, Organic Maps can run on Mac and Linux, Windows is almost ready too) * Improved Routing settings dialog * Flathub, AppStream, Repology support * Improved selection toolbar layout * Use XDG path for settings

- New OSM data as of April 15, 2022 - Fixed annoying "Location is Disabled" - Show search results on map works! - Experimental Wikipedia articles everywhere - Improved car directions - Speed and battery optimizations - Routing improvements - Fixed subway in some cities - Added Euskara (Basque) translations - Improved Italian and German translations - Fixed menu colors and refreshed navigation menu - Added news, matrix, email, OSM links - RTL layout fixes The full changelog: See more details on our website when apps are published.

Is there a way to force Organic Maps to pull the latest maps from OSM?
Openstretmaps was a little outdated around where I live. I have been making a lot of edits and updates lately. I know they will be pulled in with the next update, but just wondering if I can get them earlier.

Some guidelines for Google Summer of Code 2022 ([GSoC]( participants who want to become open-source contributors to [Organic Maps]( 1. Check the [list of our ideas]( for GSoC and the long list of [issues and feature requests]( from our users. Select what you like or propose your own idea. [Discuss]( it with us if you have any questions. 2. Start by reading Organic Maps project [documentation]( 3. [Set up]( the development environment. Try to build the project and run unit tests or run it on your device/simulator. 4. Optionally, try to fix or debug an existing [issue]( 5. If you are ready to proceed, please [register]( as a contributor on the GSoC website and [create]( a formal proposal to participate. The last day to submit a proposal is April 19.

Organic Maps (Unofficial)

    Organic Maps is a free Android & iOS offline maps app for travelers, tourists, hikers, and cyclists based on top of crowd-sourced OpenStreetMap data and curated with love by MapsWithMe (Maps.Me) founders.

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