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Where can I learn how to use the Lemmy api?
cross-posted from: > As the title says, I'm trying to create my own discord bot that takes channel comments and posts them on lemmy but I'm woefully underprepared. I definitely just need some more baseline info because as always I'm already in much deeper than I should be. Thanks for any help! > > I've already setup a bot (on the same server as lemmy, exactly how it's described in the linked doc) and can successfully ping it from my server. [I used this to set it up which uses Lua]( and I'm unsure if that will be an issue. I can setup node.js if need be. > > I also installed the `lemmy-js-client`. I guess I have a few questions but really I'll take any help I can get :) > > - Does the js client need to be installed in a certain location? > - Where does the block of text on the api docs go? Just in my `bot.lua` file? > - websocket or http? Does it matter? > - I need to make a POST request to lemmy to uyt the content there after I grab the comment from discord? > - Can someone recommend me a resource so I can learn more about using [the API here]( More than willing to do the legwork on my own but I'd like to know I'm going in the right track first. > > Additionally I was trying to use [pipedream]( for assistance. I can optionally run code right on the site as shown in the picture below but also I can use any API account or make a POST request which are 2nd and 3rd photos below respectively. I'm taking a stab at the http POST workflow in between typing this. > > ![]( > > ![]( > > ![](

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