This could be us

Her previous one was blocked by YouTube. If you’re not familiar: she lives in Pyongyang and she posts videos about daily life in DPRK as well as special occasions. It’s very interesting, and I encourage you to subscribe to her new channel…

Thread by Comrade Natalie with some lovely pictures…

(Shameless self-promotion: I created that channel. But I won’t update it regularly or often.)…


Source: (You should watch the entire video, it’s not long and very informative.)…

*Permananently Deleted*

Permananently Deleted


They must be paid actors, there’s no way anyone can be happy under a repressive communist system, am I right fellow liberals? /s …


Looking for this DPRK produced documentary about US police violence

Like the title says. I watched it quite a while ago, it essentially amounted to a showing of us news footage with narration explaining what’s happening. Can’t find it again amidst the tidal wave of garbage reactionary propaganda videos you get searching using the words “dprk” and “documentary”. Anyo…

The top comment says that the song has officially been shared with the DPRK. :star-struck:…

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