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It's kind of a strange mystery, started by looking for some gtk4 apps. The last update for LlamaOS was around 2017, yet someone wanted to make a gtk4 file manager for it in 2022. There are even some old sketches for a file manager, probably made before 2022 on ![](

Yannick Ulrich's work made its way to the GTK camera application's source code. Given that it's a camera app, I feel like it's a QR reader function. It can be compiled for the Pinephone to try it out, or installed later at (nightly) release. The issue at the Postmarketos repo has a little typo, don't mind it too much

Custom Accent Colors - Extension by demiskp
Gradience might be working on a similar function. What I mean is: custom theming of Shell Elements, like the quick menu. Obviously, Ubuntu 22.xx had something similar, except.... they modified Gnome Shell in some ways, that made some extensions broke. More broken was an extension automatically setting dark theme at sunset: lately changed themes 30 min. before darkness.... and this ext. was not compatible with the changes in ubuntu's variation of gnome-shell.

WebFeed, an RSS reader Gnome Shell Extension
It looks nice, even if I'd consider to use (Gnome) Feeds. Xynium's app is minimal and could be faster, perhaps. Then, there is this feed reader called [Tidings](, which is using GTK4 and isn't using a built-in browser by design. I may try out in days. ![]( is discontinued, for Hedgedoc
The etherpad site shut down in December 1, for Gnome's [Hedgedoc]( instance. To save time, instead maintaining both. The decision was announced in October 31, by Bartłomiej Piotrowski.
4 is discontinued, for Hedgedoc

This Week in GNOME #73 - Removing Autotools
Gimp 2.10 will keep autotools for the build, until Gimp 3.0 see daylight. Removing autotools are releated for Gtk 3.x or later, to prefer Meson and save costs by maintaining only one build system. [Gnome Discourse post, after the merge]( [No more autotools redux - fork by Emmanuele Bassi, merged](

Gnome & GTK community
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