Bock Saga

The excavation of Lemminkainen temple is also planned to proceed again this summer, 2020. It is located at Sipoo, Gumbostrand, Kyypelivuori / Finland…

Passed down meticulously by methodical oral tradition, through one prominent family, the Bock Saga, contains an elaborate mythology that describes how our reality was formed, where we came from, as well as a history radically different than what we hear in the mainstream.

It also contains a detailed description of the origins of us all in Odenmaa / Hel (the modern day Helsinki, Finland) and the languages along with etymology describing the development of letters, sounds, words, and language that is far different than our understanding.

Details of a pre-tilted planet, with a huge internal cavern, otherwise known as the underworld. It’s situated at the true north pole, located near present-day Helsinki, Finland. This ancient sacred space, centered on an axis has been referred to as the original Holy Land and sits below the North Star, also known as Polaris.

The word “Hell” has been later falsely manufactured. Perusing through the dictionary, one can find more than 60 words that begin with the word hel (hellas, helvetia, Helen, etc). By integrating the principles of the Bock Saga using the root alphabet we can better understand the origins of the concept and the truth about hell, the demonizing of it through the Catholic and Muslim religion and lastly, it’s location here.

Under the threat of annihilation from both Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholics, the Bock family fled to northern Finland, leaving the pagans residing in “hell” to be completely wiped out. Yes, there happened a hell on Earth.

Jim Chesnar continues to tell the saga he learnt from Ior Bock himself. He helps to rectify any misinformation surrounding this old wive’s tale and explains the most recent troubles of the Bock family. He helps fill in the blanks of the Finnish people (and all mankind for that matter) not aware of their true origin and history.

As also the reseachers and archeologists know, the shadowy so called elite have gone to great lengths to squash any ancient knowledge from pagans, gnostics, and indigenous peoples. They have been known to bastardize cultures, writings, rituals, and traditions. A shining example of the hijacking of history can be seen in the Bock Saga’s long-held history involving Krishna and Moses. Both radically different from their current day perceptions. Explained are all the old beliefs and new ideas about the involvement of Krishna and Moses and their crucial role in the past.

Crediting the Sun as the life giver, and planet maker is just the beginning of the Bock Saga.